Habits that cause bad effects on skin health

You know what? There are many small habit that you do every day can cause bad effects on skin health. Some problems that may occur is wrinkled, sagging, dull, old look, and the risk of cancer.

Well, take a look and consider some of these explanations to avoid skin problems.

1. Ignoring sunscreen
The best way to keep the skin to avoid wrinkles, sagging, and speckled, it is by applying sunscreen with SPF-30. Broad-spectrum formulas (shields UVA and UVB rays) with Mexoryl or Helioplex are offers the longest protection. Apply sunscreen to the entire face and body every day.

During the week, re-apply sunscreen before returning to home from work if the sun is still shining, even though you were in the car. If you are active outdoors for a long time,
Re-apply sunscreen every two hours.

2. Smoking
For those of you who still do not stop smoking, should reconsider the decision. You see, smoking is not only impact on health, but also creates more wrinkles and make the skin look dull.

According to research published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, every decade smoking makes a person look older than 2.5 years of age.

3. Excess alcohol consumption
You do not have to completely stop drinking alcohol. All you have to do is to limit alcohol to no more than one drink per day. Alcohol increases the level of inflammation causing agents in the bloodstream, which can accelerate the process of relaxation of the skin.

4. Ignoring the neck and chest
Skin care should not stop at the boundary line of the jaw in the face, but up to the neck and chest area.
The next time you apply the serum, face cream, sunscreen, or exfoliating treatment, be sure to reach out to that area too.

5. Ignoring mole
A study conducted the National Cancer Institute show, as much as 50 percent more cases of melanoma or skin cancer occur in women aged 15-39 years in 2004 than cases in 1980. Because of it, it's time to give more attention to the mole with the dermatologist checked once a year.

6. Using dirty make-up brushes
You may be thinking, why bother to clean the dirt makeup brushes before using it. But you know what? By not washing makeup brushes can make you end up with broken make-up colors, clogged pores and bacterial infection.

To be safe, wash your makeup brushes by using shampoo every once in three weeks, then rinse it clean before left to dry overnight or wipe it with a cloth.

7. Speaking while on telephone
Chin or cheek pressed to the phone, whether mobile or home phone, can cause acne, no matter whether the phone is free of bacteria or not. According to the Bay Area home dermatologist Katie Rodan,
Put faces to the surface of the phone can cause friction, occlusion, and heat, all of which cause acne. If you had a long talk on the phone, consider using a headset

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Clear Skin with Green Tea Face Massage

Untill now, freshness and hygiene face is not the only criterion to measure someone is interesting or not. If the face is fresh and clean, surely other people are interested. If not, not necessarily those interested. That is why, there are so many treatment for that area. Treatment that chosen by many people in this erlier is the green tea face massage.

Face massage is one of the treatments with a facial massage on the face to smooth blood circulation. If blood circulation is smooth, bright skin and face will be fresh. This technique is then combined with green tea. The use of antioxidants as green tea can make your face skin to be more tight and bright.

Why green tea? Because green tea contains with substances and the compound is useful or helpful for the well-being and health. There is some property that green tea can be called, among other things decrease the green tea is also useful to preventing and elastic skin of the face.

The treatment process is very simple. First, the skin of the face must first be cleaned with warm water. Then take a cleansing milk to remove the die skin cells and make up. Clean the skin of the face and do a massage with green tea essential-oil about 15 minutes. Part of a massage, among others, the tip of the forehead, between the eyes and cheeks. The massages is done on the dots nerve. The accesorises that used are any of the natural material that is no chemical material, so the result is also better for the skin.

The las touch is green tea masker for about 5 minutes. After conducting a series of this treatment for about 30 minutes, your face will look brighter, not dull, it becomes more elastic and clean. Because the first impression that seeing of the others is the face. If our face is clean and healthy, so we will loking good and beauty.

There are no Side Effects

So to make a face skin stays fresh, after this treatment, lifestyle should be monitored. That means eating should really be monitored, rest should be enough and dilligent in doing an exercise. Thus, not only the face is fresh and bright, but also the body.

This face massage does not have any side effects. Because of due to due to relaxation and facilitate the circulation of blood in the face. Treatment can be run by men and women aged 20 years and over.

To get the maximum results, this treatment is executed well two times a week. Because the face is exposed by a lot of dirt, dust and others. face massage is done so the face does not look to be tired and make it breath again.

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Face Care

In generally, the women must keep the skin from various skin problems in order to looking more clean and shining. Here are the face care tips.

  • Wash your hands first before touching the face.
  • Clean the face skin , morning and night. Although you are not in wear make-up throughout the day. Should, on night the Cleansing face up must still be done. Because the face easily spotted by the pollution. Also need to be done in the morning, because you must remove the skin and fat dirt at night.
  • After cleaning the face, take time at night to rub the skin to stimulate the cells circulation in the skin. Do a gently massage for two minutes, this can make face relaxed, giving the skin brightness, and eliminate fatigue.
  • Protect the skin properly, especially if you are travel frequently.
  • Have drinking water.

Face Care for dry skin:
  • Lifestyle and environment is very decisive in determining the skin care products type. So change the skin care products type by according it to the season, climate, and your lifestyle.
  • Immediately after the straws of aging appear, as you can start to use the anti-ageing treatments product. This case often happens more early on your skin type (primarily in the area around the eyes).
  • Avoid bathing with hot water; the good is using bath oil.

Face care for sensitive skin:
  • Perform skin care without the polish and warm first the care product on the hands before you using it.
  • Use water splashes, do not washed through the tap water.
  • It is advisable to use finger, do not by cotton wool, cloth or tissue.

Face Care for the elderly skin:
  • Because of the age, your neck, eyes and hands appearance can reduce the beauty looking, so made very special attention on them.
  • Choose anti-ageing skin care products depends on the conditions, needs and the season.
  • In every difficult morning, do not hesitate to using appropriate beauty products that can refine the skin surface.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, because it can cause wrinkles and brown spots on the skin.

Face care for oily skin
  • Protect yourself from direct sunlight, and fat in the face skin.
  • Make care in the face peeling once to three times a week.

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