Makeup Pet Peeves: Why Bother With It?

By: Nicholl McGuire

The men enjoy looking at it on the first few dates, until it is time to come in contact with it. What could the “it” be? You guessed it, make up! Why is it that some women wear it and others do not? The obvious reasons they wear make up range from wanting to defy their age to having no choice due to unattractive markings on the skin. Other women simply don’t wear it for the following reasons indicated in this article.

Here are the eleven most popular pet peeves women have with make up.

Let’s begin with the first. “Women wear too much of it” as both women and men have complained. One male guest commented on a major network talk show, women “just don’t get it, we don’t like it.” Another guest stated, “I like it, I just don’t know why women wear so much of it.”

These complaints not only come from men, they come from women as well. A mother of two daughters said, “Some women, mainly older ones look like clowns.” She added, “I saw one lady with blue eye shadow that was put on too high, ruby red lips that were painted past the outline of her natural lips. She looked terrible!”

As a result of men who don’t like it and women who wear too much of it, some women rather not wear it. An older woman in her seventies said, “I just don’t bother with it. I don’t know how much I should wear.” Other women say they just don’t feel like wearing it.

The second concern women have with make up is it costs too much. According to Avon’s marketing tips for their sales representatives, the average consumer pays approximately $15 per campaign on make up. So the representative already knows approximately how much you are willing to pay before you open up your wallet. She (or he) will offer you that additional lipstick you don’t need, the new mascara that just came out, or something else that will help them make a decent profit off of you. A single lipstick can cost anywhere from $7 to $15 retail. Many women find alternatives to buying makeup through independent contractors and on-line websites; instead, they will head to their local drug store. While there, they will look for makeup that is on sale. Costing them dollars less than Internet retailers. However, when their favorite make up is not on sale in the drug store, savvy shoppers will revisit Internet stores for savings. “Rarely do I purchase make up on sale unless there is a sale,” says a stay-at-home mother.

The third pet peeve women have with wearing make up is it doesn’t do what it promises. How many times have you purchased a product that claimed that it would cover up your facial flaws only to make them appear worse? So you go back out to the store in search of another product that could do a better job. Before long, you have a drawer full of make up that you don’t use and wasted dollars ready for the trash can.

The fourth reason some women don’t wear make up while others will complain, yet wear it anyway, is it irritates the skin. Allergic reactions to make up are common with many women and their complaints are posted on many Internet chat room sites. The products supposedly made with natural ingredients are suppose to solve this problem.

The fifth pet peeve women have about make up is it runs out too fast. You may have just bought a certain facial cream used it for half the month and found out that you will have to buy another jar to finish out the rest of the month. If you don’t use the product for 30 plus days you won’t know if it’s effective, according to researchers of makeup products. Therefore, you will make the false claim it doesn’t work and go back to the store to find someone else’s product.

The sixth reason, some women don’t like make up is because it comes off the face easily. If you are the kind of woman who sweats or cries easily, then you will be spending more for the make up that promises to stay on all day.

The seventh issue women have about make up is staining. Men are particularly concerned when they are wearing a nice shirt and hug women who wear foundation. They don’t know whether the stain will come out or not. Women who are wearing certain fabrics that can only be dry-cleaned don’t want the make up to come off on their expensive clothes either.

The eighth pet peeve about make up comes from women of color. They complained there isn’t enough colors for a variety of skin tones. Some cosmetic companies have responded to this cry by making products that compliment skin tones by just turning a dial on a bottle of foundation to the shade you prefer, making samples easy to obtain, or having a makeup consultant readily available to help you match your skin tone.

The ninth concern women of about makeup is how fast it becomes outdated. Oftentimes those sales are just being offered because the products are due to expire. In the case of some mascara, you know when it has become outdated when you apply it on the eyelashes and it clumps. Lipstick is old, when you apply it to the lips and it doesn’t go on smooth. Nail polish is old when you look at its appearance and you see that the color is beginning to separate in the bottle, it may be clear looking at the bottom and the color seems to have floated to the top. When it is applied, it goes on lumpy or doesn‘t seem to cling to the nail.

The tenth pet peeve about make up is it simply is difficult to apply. Some women no matter what they read, who they talk to, or who shows them how to apply it, they can’t seem to get it right.

Lastly, this pet peeve is from mothers with children, products are too easy for little ones to open. How many mothers have been surprised to find their little girl or boy sitting on the floor scribbling on the carpet or wall in lipstick while their face is covered with some eyeliner, foundation and more lipstick?

Simple solutions to these pet peeves the cosmetic industry should consider would be: make items tamper proof, offer simple instructions and include diagrams on how to correctly apply their products, create a reward system for loyal customers, make more coupons available in the Sunday newspapers and other places, include trial sizes of other products in packages, and most of all have someone available in the store once or twice a month to go over product application.


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How Do You Know When To Wear Makeup?

By: Nicholl McGuire

Back when you were a child your parent or guardian told you when you should wear makeup for most young girls the magic number was 16. We can all agree that most girls don't need it, yet they wear it anyway because they like the way they look in it and most of all it makes them look older. Now let's speed up to age 26 plus, why is it that some women avoid wearing make up when they need it? Is there no one around them to tell them that they should wear it? Do they think they look better or younger without it? Maybe. So how does one know when to start incorporating in their daily regimen a time for makeup application? The following statements will answer that question.

People often say that you look old, worn, or tired.

If this statement has been repeatedly told to you, then you need to consider what people are saying. Working long hours, stress, diet and other reasons may be the cause for it. However, if you have done all that you can to brighten up your face and still people don't seem to respond very well to you, then add some makeup to your face.

The lines on your face are making you appear older than your age.

Tired of misunderstanding people when they say you don't look your age? Listen to the relative or friend who has been telling you the truth, "You don't look your age, you look older." This is a clear sign it is time to visit a makeup consultant who can tell you how to apply make up that will make you sincerely look better and if younger is what you want, then go for it!

Your mate no longer looks at you like he once did when you wore makeup.

Remember when he looked at your face when he thought you weren't looking? He talked about how beautiful you looked. Well, you can rekindle those moments by doing special for not only him, but for yourself. Apply some makeup.

You have tried everything to make your complexion clear and youthful looking, but nothing works.

Some markings on your face will not go away no matter what you eat, cream you apply or medicine you take. Make up is a simple solution to cover up those unattractive markings on your face.

You don't like what you see in the mirror or have grown bored with your appearance.

Make up can be a nice gift for yourself when you simply want a change. Why not check out a magazine at the local drug store, find a celebrity's make up you like, then visit the make up aisle and pick out some colors? Go home and dress up your face like you were a child again, you never know what you might end up liking in the mirror?

You have the kind of face that makes people think you are angry, upset or confused often.

People will only respond to you in the way that you look at them. Now on occasion, there are those that no matter how pleasant you are they will still glare, we aren't talking about those people. If you find that your facial expressions misrepresent how you feel on the inside, then touch up your face with some makeup.

In summary, when people have boldly pointed out flaws on your face, you aren't happy with the way you look, and you have already tried make up but don't like how it looks, it is time to visit a make up consultant, do some research, and most of all be bold wear it and allow yourself to get comfortable in it. Tell yourself that you will no longer allow yourself to walk around in public not looking your best! Inventors have spent long hours on a daily basis trying to come up with a product that would make women and (some men) feel better about themselves, why not take advantage of it?


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Value Your Skin For Better Complexions

By: Jon Caldwell

I know a lot of people who don’t really like the idea of exfoliation, but did you know that exfloliating every week helps your skin in getting rid of possible build up of dead skin cells? Also, it helps in exposing the fresher layer of your skin. You still have to be careful in choosing facial exfoliants though. Use only the gentle ones and avoid products with very harsh chemicals on it. If you undergo exfoliation from time to time, you will observe that the fresh layers of the skin will be absorbing the moisturizers that you put on your skin every day.

It is advised that you take cooler but shorter showers on winter. It is important to have a consistent body temperature at this season. If possible, kindly avoid taking hot showers because it has the tendency to remove the essential oils of the body that maintains the balance of a normal skin.

Shampoos and Conditioners are a big part of bath time habits. Most of us rely on hair blowers to dry up our hair. Again, please avoid using hair blowers on winter season because it removes the important nutrients of the hair that leaves it dry and unhealthy. Not only that, our scalp is also affected.

Do you know how Hollywood celebrities maintain their beautiful skin and keeping it soft, smooth and manageable?

The answer: Moisturizer!

Moisturizing must be a daily habit in any season whether that is winter, spring, summer or fall. When you get up in the morning, apply moisturizer all over your body. If you are using facial or body moisturizers, it is advisable that you use the thick ones on winter season. Keeping a lotion on your bag or on your purse is also a must so you can apply it anytime, anywhere.

So if you want to have a celebrity-like skin even on winter days, all you have to do is moisturize.

Face packs, especially those which are made up of fruits rich in vitamins and H20 really contribute a lot in the healing of dry skin. The most recommended fruits to be used are banana, papaya and peach. For glowing effect, you can use mashed avocado. After applying face packs, it is advisable that you apply moisturizer or mild lotion after to be able to retain the moisture of the skin. You must take note that you must use oil-based lotions during winter. Apply it in a circular manner.

Did you know that the presence of Vitamins A, B and E on your diet contributes a lot on the inner glow of your skin?

The most helpful food in improving the moisture of the skin on winter is vegetables that are green and leafy. The intake of water must also be increased to be able to fill out the required dosage of fluids on your body. You must also consider drinking fruit juices daily a habit since it helps in making your skin soft. Avoid drinking beverages that has strong caffeine ingredient on it such as coffees and sodas.

Water is one of the most important liquids in our body. It is also the cheapest and safest drink ever.

Winter is a cold and wet season that’s why a lot of people don’t sweat that much. Experiencing the said situation does not mean that you must lessen your water intake. It is still recommended that you drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day. Drinking water gives your body the energy that you need. It is also beneficial to your health. It also contributes on your diet as you tend not to eat a lot and lastly, water helps in skin dehydration.


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Become Beautiful With All the Right Choices

By: Jon Caldwell

Facial can be one of the best things to do in the mall when there is not much to do and it keeps your face cleansed and clean of all pollutants so scheduling a once a week visit assures a clean complexion that improves in time. There are simpler facials that simply were, exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin using cream that makes it look younger and cleaner. For non-sensitive skinned people, this is the way to go for it is cheap and fast. For more sensitive types, the use of hypoallergenic cleaners and exfoliates kind of’ takes the price range a bit up but hey, a facial is a facial and if it makes you feel and look good in the process why not another type of facial is called a Galvanic facial which involves a machine that uses a gadget that uses electricity to induce the skin to absorb moisture from a special cream that is used in conjunction with the treatment. It gets in deeper meaning you get a cleaner face after treatments which would be nice for people who live in heavily polluted areas.

Yep, shoes play a very important part in how you carry around all that beauty you has and create each and every day. Getting that model style walk that allows the body to become truly feminine is hard to do for like most of us who buy shoes from the store (rich people get them personally fitted and contoured which is expensive and out of reach for most of us) that have been made according to statistically determined sizes and shapes. Getting a pair of shows that fit perfectly is the first step in attaining the correct balance between design and comfort. High heel shoes have a nasty ability to induce an unnatural gait that forces the bones of the feet to assume a contour that is far from normal but with high-tech inserts that allows you to make them fit perfectly while supporting the feet properly one can get away with even deadly looking heels.

Don’t fret for you might be surprised to find out that even the sexiest and alluring faces on Hollywood films need some sort of help from time to time. Women are most affected during hormonal changes such as during menstruation and pregnancy when hormonal changes cause many problems on the face and elsewhere. Exfoliation renews the skin on the face, neck and shoulders that it exposes new skin cells that are not only softer but younger. Once exfoliation has succeeded in removing old ugly skin, foundations and tinted moisturizers that are loaded with UV blocking ingredients helps protect the skin from skin damage and then the makeup goes on. It doesn’t end there, after a long day of wearing makeup and looking gorgeous, it is only fit to end the day with cleansers that removes all the makeup and leaves the skin clean and moisturized.

Might be due to the recent Indiana Jones Movie, but fedora’s are in and sexy according to beauty gurus. Coupled with lovely face makeup and a dashing dress, it makes for a cool and sophisticated look for every occasion. It adds a sort of mysterious allure to the overall look of a woman in what is mainly a man-mainstay. The fedora is forever associated with the character of Indiana Jones, one of the most influential pop culture icons of recent history. The new installment might have heightened interest in the headgear but hey, fashion always finds a way of resurrecting the dead from the grave.


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Instant Mood Boosters For Busy Women

By: Irina Wardas, HHC

Women are very busy these days, as a matter of fact they have always been. And as women, we know that unfortunately, most of the time we don’t prioritize our health.

Let us think, for a second, what causes stress in our life? Well, if I say emotions and bad food choices, will you believe me? I am not sure, but it is true. To feel and look good we have to find balance in our lifestyle and in our body.

As we remember, cortisol, the hormone your body produces when you are stressed, increases your appetite and promotes inflammation, reducing the body’s sensitivity to metabolic hormones. To reduce cortisol levels and normalize your metabolism, you must relax.

No time to de-stress? Think again! You can lower your stress level in a second with these on-the-spot mood boosters.

Start laughing.
Studies show that even forced laughter lowers cortisol and blood pressure instantly.

Start singing.
Recent studies show that singing your favorite tunes is more beneficial than simply listening to them.

Start repeating three-five words phrase.
Repeat continuously three-five words phrase while you are in a traffic jam, waiting in the dentist's office or before your important presentation. The repetition clears your mind and this is exactly what you need when you are stressed out. Phrases like I am calm, I am beautiful, I am strong, I don't care will help you and not only with stress but also in a lot of different situations, because our brain believes our words.

Stop and enjoy the nature.
When you daydream, watch a bird in flight, stare up at the clouds, enjoy the ocean or a beautiful flower, your mind is fixed on one thought and that is a form of meditation, one of the powerful relaxation techniques. You can also use imagery meditation sitting quietly and picturing some place, thing, or activity that makes you feel calm. Study shows that meditation also changes blood flow to the brain and decreases anxiety while it improves other mental functions. If you live in a big city, store window with a dress you like will do the trick.

Call your friend or talk to your pet.
Study shows that making conversation with someone you care about causes the same kind of positive physiological changes that a massage does. To express your feelings and thoughts you can either call a friend or talk to your pet (pets are even better listeners).

Take a walk.
Some fresh air and moderate exercise can help clear your mind and frustration or anger.

Squeeze a squishy ball.
Start squeezing something, such as a squishy ball, to work away your tension.

Have some de-stress snack.
Chillies have been known as mood lifter, depression fighter, and one of the most powerful de-stress super foods, because they release mood-boosting endorphins. So keep a jar of salsa in your refrigerator.

Have some Dark Chocolate.
Studies show that Dark Chocolate (70-75% of cocoa and higher) not only low blood pressure and clear the arteries, but also improves mood by boosting serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain. Take a piece of dark chocolate, close your eyes and relax.

If we don’t take care of ourselves, nobody will, but if something happens to us, who will take care of our children, our family? Studies show that more than 800.000 people a day take time off work because of a stress related illnesses. Let us be stress smart.


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The Most Cost-Effective Way to Find Jewelry For You Weeding

By: Roberto Sedycias

The use of jewelry dates back to the ancient age when it was being predominately used by people. Hence, it is not passing trend that will fade away after a couple years. In fact, with the emergence of innovative and aesthetic designs by many jewelry designers, people around the world are getting increasingly addicted to using it.

Jewelry has always been an essential part of wedding accessories irrespective of different cultures around the world. It adds a sparkle to the wedding occasions and makes them appear extraordinary special. However, the use of jewelry is not confined to marriages only; many people were it for fashion. Due to the popular passion towards jewelry, the number of jewelry suppliers and jewelry brands are constantly increasingly.

Buying jewelry during wedding can be an expensive undertaking. Here are some tips that can help you find an alternative to buying costly jewelry.

  1. If you are head over hills with a particular piece of jewelry that it is way beyond your budget, you can consider buying a similar piece with less expensive materials. For instance, crystals or cubic zirconia are a nice alternative to real stones. They not only look as dazzling and exquisite as the real stones, but also affordable ones.
  2. If you just want to look expensive, go for gold-plated jewelry or silver instead of platinum of solid gold. A casual observer can`t tell them apart. This can save you from spending unnecessarily in jewelry during weddings.
  3. If you want to include pearls without paying much for them, you may consider freshwater cultured pearls which are relatively cheaper than other types of pearls. Alternatively, you may consider buying pearl-shaped crystals as well.
  4. If you want to buy several pieces of jewelry, you can always ask for discounts. In fact, many online stores offer some amount of liberty to their buyers on the prices of jewelry. Hence, you can think of a discount while buying a wide variety of pieces.
  5. Online stores such as eBay offer a wonderful assortment of inexpensive pieces of jewelry that are available for online auction. You can take advantage of it and buy yourself some really good jewelry without spending a lot of money. Moreover, inventory of jewelry changes from time to time on these online stores. Hence, if you are not satisfied with a particular piece, you can always come back to these stores to buy some better jewelry.
  6. Renting jewelry is one of the other affordable options incase you are running dry on money with regards to buying jewelry for your wedding. Many people rent different pieces of jewelry for wedding receptions and other ceremonies.
  7. Many online stores offer jewelry for weddings at cheaper prices. If you are particular about designing your jewelry in specific way, consider buying your jewelry from those stores. The best thing about these stores is they offer you the benefit of complete customization according to your choice. There are many online stores such as Hobby Lobby and Ben Franklin that offer jewelry-making supplies. These facilities are also available on eBay too.
  8. If you are organizing the wedding on a very shoe-string budget and can not imagine buying jewelry for your wedding, you can consider borrowing them for a day or two from any of your family members or intimate friends. It can add a great sentimental value to the wedding. Also, it saves you from spending a fortune on buying jewelry only for a day.

You can use the above tips to save your money and yet look fabulous with some stunning jewelry on the special day of wedding.


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Hair Replacement For Women Offers Hope To Many Women

By: Brandon Andrews

Millions of women in the United States suffer from hair loss each year, but there is hope for these women because hair replacement solutions specifically for women are improving. Due to an increasing demand for female hair loss solutions companies are constantly testing and improving their products to create hair replacement systems that look natural and unnoticeable.

There are several reasons as to why women lose their hair. The most common one is female pattern baldness, medically known as Androgenetic Alopecia. Pregnancy, losing lots of weight on a crash diet, and other forms of stress on the body is another cause of loss of hair in women. This condition is known as Telogen Effluvium. The final common female hair loss condition is Alopecia Areata when the immune system goes after an individual's own hair for an unknown reason. This condition comes along with sudden bald spots.

To help combat the problems mentioned in the previous paragraph, hair replacement systems provided by reputable companies should look natural, be manageable like regular hair, and should also include a 100 percent money back guarantee. The custom hair can be washed as well and often comes in human and synthetic hair options. Another great feature of hair replacement for women is that there are many hair styles to choose from so women suffering from hair loss can always look their best.

A quality female hair piece for women should last between two and four months depending on several factors. These include the time spent maintaining the hair piece, the amount of styling gels and sprays used, and the type of base material all make a difference in how long it will last. One sign of a good company to purchase a hair piece from is one that custom fits the hair piece. Custom fitting will increase the life of the hair piece. With custom fitting it will be determined what type of hair replacement solutions should be used.

One type of hair replacement solution is an integration hair piece which is vented, and has base material patterns similar to a hair net. They are designed so women with thinning hair can pull their existing hair strands through the base. These hair pieces act as a great way to thicken your natural hair and reduce the visible areas of your scalp. The other type is a full cap hair piece which is used for more extreme hair loss, and can be managed just like regular hair. These are more commonly referred to as wigs. A qualified hair replacement company will consult with you on which option is best for your specific situation.

Female hair loss is a difficult situation for the millions of Americans that suffer from it, but there is hope.

About the Author
Hair Direct,, provides affordable, mail order hair replacement systems to men and women worldwide. They also proudly sell disposable hair systems. Visit the company’s website at for further information.


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