Clear Skin with Green Tea Face Massage

Untill now, freshness and hygiene face is not the only criterion to measure someone is interesting or not. If the face is fresh and clean, surely other people are interested. If not, not necessarily those interested. That is why, there are so many treatment for that area. Treatment that chosen by many people in this erlier is the green tea face massage.

Face massage is one of the treatments with a facial massage on the face to smooth blood circulation. If blood circulation is smooth, bright skin and face will be fresh. This technique is then combined with green tea. The use of antioxidants as green tea can make your face skin to be more tight and bright.

Why green tea? Because green tea contains with substances and the compound is useful or helpful for the well-being and health. There is some property that green tea can be called, among other things decrease the green tea is also useful to preventing and elastic skin of the face.

The treatment process is very simple. First, the skin of the face must first be cleaned with warm water. Then take a cleansing milk to remove the die skin cells and make up. Clean the skin of the face and do a massage with green tea essential-oil about 15 minutes. Part of a massage, among others, the tip of the forehead, between the eyes and cheeks. The massages is done on the dots nerve. The accesorises that used are any of the natural material that is no chemical material, so the result is also better for the skin.

The las touch is green tea masker for about 5 minutes. After conducting a series of this treatment for about 30 minutes, your face will look brighter, not dull, it becomes more elastic and clean. Because the first impression that seeing of the others is the face. If our face is clean and healthy, so we will loking good and beauty.

There are no Side Effects

So to make a face skin stays fresh, after this treatment, lifestyle should be monitored. That means eating should really be monitored, rest should be enough and dilligent in doing an exercise. Thus, not only the face is fresh and bright, but also the body.

This face massage does not have any side effects. Because of due to due to relaxation and facilitate the circulation of blood in the face. Treatment can be run by men and women aged 20 years and over.

To get the maximum results, this treatment is executed well two times a week. Because the face is exposed by a lot of dirt, dust and others. face massage is done so the face does not look to be tired and make it breath again.

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