Sleep soundly at night

Sleeping ... Is an enjoying activity for many people. During sleep, we can relax and feel more fresh at awake. The adult are needed to sleep for ranges from 8 hours every day.

There are lot works done by our body when we sleep. During sleep, we also improve the damaged body's cells in the body and also make our minds become more peaceful. Lack of sleep can cause emotionally unstable, fatigue, diminishing the ability to think. Unfortunately, many people are feeling difficult to sleep at night. Although already intend to sleep, but the eye can not closed and there is no feeling sleepy. How so you can enjoy a soundly sleep at night?

Do not eat over at night
Try to dinner do not pass through 07:00 pm. The full stomach is caused body still doing digestion process, so the body has not rested. Although the food is not heavy, reduce the consumption of snacks in the evening.

Do not do activities that seize the mind and mental at sleep time
Activities or jobs that require consideration can cause difficult to sleep. The debate made at night also cause same effects. So, do not let the activities carried out after 08:30 pm.

Bath with hot water
This activity can make the body more relaxing, so you can sleep more quickly. You can do bath with hot water about one hour before going to bed.

Drink hot milk
This can also help the body more relaxed and you sleep more soundly.

Turn off the lights
At sleep time, turn off your room light. If you want to sleep more quickly, then make an effort so that you are in a room at half hours before of from you specify time, turn off the lights and try to close your eyes.

Use smells or slow music
You can use aroma therapy to be calmer. When possible, turn on a music which can help you relax.

Read a book
The reading must not the weighed mind books as a romantic story books. Instead, choose the inspiring matters books.

Feels your body
While in bed, feels your body. This will help you to realize that you are ready to sleep.

Set breath
With the breath and set it, you can be comfortable and in the same time you have to sleep soundly.

Write a Diary
Write a diary before bed can also make you enjoy a good night's sleep. By writing the diary, as though you are downloading your mind and will ease the thought burden which make the mind calmer and the sleep become more soundly.

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The Wonders of Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeups product claimed are more and better than the chemical makeup product. Is More naturally and safe for the skin. No surprise many women are interested to using this product.

Actually, the Mineral Makeup has developed in America since 1980. But from years continued made improvements so finally now there are many people discussed it.

Each skin expert saying that a mineral make Up product are very ideal for skin and very soft balance for the make up and for the healthy skin.

Some excess of mineral make up;
- Safe wearing for every all skin type, because dose not contain with fragrances or materials that can cause irritation. If the flavor is used, that is from natural base, example lavender.
- It makes a natural effect on the make up. Because is easier mixed with the skin. So, it very suitable for a light make up.
- Mineral make up give comfort in the skin. Because the pores can breathe free.
- Able to protect the skin from sun, reduce the risk of aging.
- Can cover well the skin, so it actually looks like the face skin. Not like with general make up if using be looking like a mask.
- Water resistant and adhered throughout the day.
- contain with multiuse product, which contains with foundation, sunscreen, make up and congealer.


Generally, material in mineral make up are; magnesium, calcium, oat powder (Avena Sativa), silk powder, bentonite clay. These materials processed into cosmetics, from foundation until eye shadow.

Actually, every kind with minerals based in are save to use. But for the cosmetic is depend on a company that produces it.

While claiming save, does not mean that mineral make up are free from a chemical materials. Anyway mineral makeup products are still using synthetic and chemical materials. But the composition is fewer from the natural materials. Some time a chemicals materials are contained in mineral make up, are bismuth oxychloride which made from the merger of bismuth with cloride and water compound.

While natural materials are used pomegranate, vanillas, and the extract of sweet almond, so those products are not broken quickly. While coloring pigment that usually used are minerals, like rose quartz, mother of pearl and topaz.

In generally, can be said that the safe product not just looking from based of raw materials, but also from a series of production process. So be careful; however there are negative side effects on the skin.
Include the following:

- On sensitive skin: Minerals bismuth oxychloride in mineral make up can irritated.
- On oily skin: Mineral titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which nature oklusif potentially clog the pores.
- On dry skin: the nature of the product entirely powder form can make the skin drier. Because it is absorbing, not moisturizing.

Test first

To reduce unwanted from the use of mineral makeup, before using it should make a test first. The way is, wipe few of mineral make up on the back of the ear or around of the jaw.

Then leave it least three hours to know whether the cosmetic effects oxidation or not. If does not yield any effect on skin, like the skin becomes red, so that cosmetic are safe to use. But can be guaranteed that mineral make up are very safe to use on skin and the results are great.

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