How Do You Know When To Wear Makeup?

By: Nicholl McGuire

Back when you were a child your parent or guardian told you when you should wear makeup for most young girls the magic number was 16. We can all agree that most girls don't need it, yet they wear it anyway because they like the way they look in it and most of all it makes them look older. Now let's speed up to age 26 plus, why is it that some women avoid wearing make up when they need it? Is there no one around them to tell them that they should wear it? Do they think they look better or younger without it? Maybe. So how does one know when to start incorporating in their daily regimen a time for makeup application? The following statements will answer that question.

People often say that you look old, worn, or tired.

If this statement has been repeatedly told to you, then you need to consider what people are saying. Working long hours, stress, diet and other reasons may be the cause for it. However, if you have done all that you can to brighten up your face and still people don't seem to respond very well to you, then add some makeup to your face.

The lines on your face are making you appear older than your age.

Tired of misunderstanding people when they say you don't look your age? Listen to the relative or friend who has been telling you the truth, "You don't look your age, you look older." This is a clear sign it is time to visit a makeup consultant who can tell you how to apply make up that will make you sincerely look better and if younger is what you want, then go for it!

Your mate no longer looks at you like he once did when you wore makeup.

Remember when he looked at your face when he thought you weren't looking? He talked about how beautiful you looked. Well, you can rekindle those moments by doing special for not only him, but for yourself. Apply some makeup.

You have tried everything to make your complexion clear and youthful looking, but nothing works.

Some markings on your face will not go away no matter what you eat, cream you apply or medicine you take. Make up is a simple solution to cover up those unattractive markings on your face.

You don't like what you see in the mirror or have grown bored with your appearance.

Make up can be a nice gift for yourself when you simply want a change. Why not check out a magazine at the local drug store, find a celebrity's make up you like, then visit the make up aisle and pick out some colors? Go home and dress up your face like you were a child again, you never know what you might end up liking in the mirror?

You have the kind of face that makes people think you are angry, upset or confused often.

People will only respond to you in the way that you look at them. Now on occasion, there are those that no matter how pleasant you are they will still glare, we aren't talking about those people. If you find that your facial expressions misrepresent how you feel on the inside, then touch up your face with some makeup.

In summary, when people have boldly pointed out flaws on your face, you aren't happy with the way you look, and you have already tried make up but don't like how it looks, it is time to visit a make up consultant, do some research, and most of all be bold wear it and allow yourself to get comfortable in it. Tell yourself that you will no longer allow yourself to walk around in public not looking your best! Inventors have spent long hours on a daily basis trying to come up with a product that would make women and (some men) feel better about themselves, why not take advantage of it?