Makeup tips to conceal wrinkles

You might think that wrinkles may be capped below several layers of makeup, is a mistake that was committed and often the result is totally opposite of what was expected.
The basis of inadequate or too much makeup, far from disguising wrinkles makes them more pronounced and visible, giving the appearance wizened face.
The tricks of makeup to disguise facial wrinkles basically use the minimum essential products and apply them wisely.

* The first step is to try to ensure that the skin is not dry because it gives an appearance of paper pinch, therefore before the base makeup should always be a cream moisturizer.

* The second step is to use a correction that will use dark circles within single wrinkle.
This requires patience and good pulse, if necessary, use a toothpick or something to pay for this task.
Once the correction was placed disguise strokes with a sponge or your fingertips.

* The third step is the foundation makeup, before explaining how to apply, it should buy an appropriate for each age, and your skin wrinkles need presents a base that contains what is necessary for good looks.
The ideal is to have a darker and other more clearly, this allows implement clearer in conflict zones around the eyelids and mouth, giving a few touches with the darker in the cheeks, nose and chin.
We must clarify that only a shade of difference between a base and another to implement them and then are matched with a sponge to give a uniform color to the skin, since the trick is that the area of wrinkles is clearer but not to conceal they are patches of different color.

* The last step will be to implement the blush and powder, blush should be only one or supplanted by a colored powder.
It is not convenient powdered areas where wrinkles are as this can cause the area to dry and highlighting despite all the effort to conceal.

* The color of the shadows for eyelids and lipstick must respect the makeup of harmony, it is not desirable that they are very dark and should be avoided harsh lines, everything is clear and diffuse conceals wrinkles.
If using pencil eyebrows, it is best to be the same hair color or brownish color.