Natural Remedies Against the grain

What are the grains annoying! There should be no person who has not had to suffer minimally, at least, especially in puberty and adolescence. Fortunately, there are several Natural Remedies for grains that will have much effect to remove them.

One of the best home remedies against the grain is the mask of lemon. You can very easily and confessional with elements that you'll always have in your home. Simply exprime a lemon juice and add a few tablespoons of sugar to thicken. Then place on the affected skin and let the mixture makes its effect for a while. Withdraw it by washing your face normally.

It is also important to have a low in fatty foods if you have a propensity enter into grains. Eliminates meals too condiments and Strong, sauces, chocolates, fries and sausage. Wash the face with soap and Avoid creams that only achieve that your skin is much fatter.

There must be no better element to combat skin problems that aloe or aloe vera. It is one of the best Natural Remedies against the grain. You can prepare a mask with him, a base of its pulp and a little water. The liquefied and let on your face for several minutes. Directly or, if you have no desire to prepare, cut in half a stalk of the plant and Frota grains with the pulp.