Power Of Flower

"Say it with flower" These expression is not only applicable to express love only, but applies also to beautify your body. Not believe? Take advantage of property rose through the sheath Rose Petal Treatment as a means of relaxation and beauty of your skin. Welcome to try!

In the western world, many roses are used as aroma therapy essential oil materials and the most expensive than other essential oil. Meanwhile in the east, a new essential oil rose in recent years begun to develop this and accepted by the community as a complementary body beauty treatments. There, rose sheath used as a complement to massage, or can also form a dried rose to be bud as tea, or heated in the container aroma therapy.

Rose Flower properties
Rose, with the sweet characteristic and good aroma has to accelerate blood circulation and liquefy a parts of the body that conglomeration of blood as a bruise. In addition, roses are also useful for easy menstruation which not regular and the sick stomach. If you often drink tea roses, will taste a benefit for beauty and body metabolism. Not only that, depression and chest crowded because the influence of emotions which can bring a negative impact on the kidney can also be overcome with drink tea roses.

Care Flower Rose (Rose Petal Treatment)
In addition to very useful for health, rose sheath can also be used in the body treatment. In the Rose Petal Treatment sheath rose is used as the body treatment aids, where massage are done directly by using the original rose. How can enjoying the world when the rose pods touch every part of your body through each massage given. Not only body that feels fresh and fragrant, I thought to be more relaxing therapy owing to this one. If you are interested to try it, this is the step by step of the Rose Petal Treatment.

1. Treatment begins with the back rub.
2. Then, massage continues to broadcast the back leg (calf)
3. Massage area in the front foot
4. After that is done all parts of hand massage (the left and right)
5. Finally, to increase the relaxation effect, therapies will squeeze your head. Once you find your own massage, the benefits can you get if done routinely. In addition to the circulation of blood to be smooth, skin too felt more fresh, soft and bright.