Styling Your Hair With the Times

By: Jon Caldwell

Are you sick of using mousse or hair gels in making your hair behave? Why don’t you try out the new hair trend called hair waxing? The said product was specifically to restore the texture of the hair and make it look as good as possible.

Bed head, a popular hair company recently launched a number of products that can be used by both sexes. You will surely find the product that is best for you no matter what is your present hair texture. Even popular Hollywood hair stylist Jonathan Antin recently came up with hair products for our hair problems!

It is very evident in the hair trend industry today that the hair products that are made to renovate the health or your hair and protects it from past chemical procedures. A lot of individuals especially models and celebrities abuse their hair by doing perm after perm. It is important that they have their hair products with them daily to be able to maintain the hair’s natural texture and shine. Undergoing too much hair procedures will cause dry hair. It will also leave your hair crispy and limp.

There are hair products available in the market that are made to work on hair that has been heated repeatedly. It was made to give extra effort on restoring the hair’s natural look.

The top hair products that can be is being used today in maintaining hair color are shampoos, conditioners and styling aids. The products help in keeping your hair color and it also contributes on making your look as good as possible. The good thing here is that these products can be bought in a cheaper value that people from different walks of life can avail. The products are also designed for people who don’t apply hair colors at all. It will enhance your natural hair color. It is also used to give more nutrients on the hair and keep it more healthy and alive.

Emmie, a good friend of mine asked for my advice. She wants to give her hair a new color and she plans to go to the salon tomorrow. She has a warm tone hair. What are good and bad hair highlight colors for her?

Golden blonde, golden brown, deep chocolate, auburn, red and orange are the best hair highlight choices for people with warm tones. Blue, violet and white colors are a big no-no for people with warm hair colors. Why? Applying these colors can wash down the original color.

It is very evident that the red hair highlight is very popular nowadays. Having a Ginger Spice hair can give positive changes in once life since it gives a personal depth and gives added appeal to natural hair.

According to popular hair dressers, pure red is believed to fade easily. It is advised that if you want to have a Ginger Spice red hair look, better put more shades of brown. It is proven that the overload of brown shade in the red highlights do stay longer. It also produces an extraordinary look to your current hairstyle.

Mahogany, copper, strawberry, red-brown and red-gold are among the most popular shades of red available in the market. Plum red is a cool tone of red and it is often used by people who have olive skin color as it gives them the dramatic look.