Find the Right Beauty Products

By: Jon Caldwell

Enriched with Hydra-FirmaLift, the blush helps firm the skin reducing those unsightly lines. It brightens the cheeks giving it a helathy glow while doing its magic of lifting the skin on the apples of your cheeks. The small package is loaded with features such as a mirror built into the cover and a dispensing cover that hides the sponge in a compartment within the cap you can use by removing the clear plastic cover to the holes that allows the powder to dispense easily onto the applicator foam. The Product comes in four lovely colors; Golden Geisha, Plum Wine, Cherry Blossom and Sweet Lychee. The cosmetics manufacturer designs and integrates well proven science into its products not only giving beauty but treats as it does its work having the real magic working right under your daily application.

Truely Natural has come up with the perfect combination of a natural product that is designed to protect. Their Protective mineral foundation is rated with an SPF factor of 17 which it does with the use of two skin protecting ingredients, titanium and zinc oxide. Added to that is the super anti-oxidant idebenone which gives you an EPF rating of 95. It delivers a flexible sheer to full coverage along with the convenience of having it as loose or compact form for ease of application. The compact works best for a natural matte finish while the mineral powder is best for that all natural radiant glow you love. With 16 shades to choose from, you’d be sure to get one that works best with your skin type and tone.

The company brought about to cater to the beauty needs of women from all skin color, race, culture and ethnicities. In 2004 they signed a distribution contract with Proctor and Gamble which has allowed them to comew up with better and more innovative products such as their Luxury Pressed Powder that is so light and translucent to provide a matte finish or over your favorite foundation for that finishing touch. With more products that cater to all skin types, they are sure to have something to take away the strain of everyday life. Their innovative products have won people such as Jessica Simpson their place in the spotlight due to their products that brings out the best in you.

With more and more people becoming conscious of how they look, the lips is one of the most looked at feature of your face and what better way to bring out the beauty and shimmer of yours than with Lip Dew from Rosie Jane. The lip dew can be used on its own, made of all natural shea butter and beeswax or over your favorite lipstick to add shimmer to those lips that deserve the attention of others. Proudly Austrailian, Rosie’s products are a showcase of beauty and experience the founder has gathered from over ten years experience of working with the best of the best in the industry. Their products are an example of simplicity that is their main philosophy that allows a woman to get that look without much fuss and work.

Men are not usually the make-up type yet nowadays when they too aim for fair completion they too have been thought of by the many cosmetic manufacturers in the and around the world. Clinique, has released and has been doing so steadily for quite sometime products that are for men and they have done so in a very nice manner that allows fair complexion without too much of a fuss. May they be razor burns, breakouts and the may other facial imperfections that men can get, the product works as if they are not there. They conceal them all while maintaining the natural look that does not stand out. Check out Clinique’s complete line of makeup for men for more information and you’ll see just how they work wonders for that seemingly perfect glow, for men.