The acne

Acne is a problem that goes beyond an occasional grain. Many people suffer for years not only in the face but in the neck, back and shoulders.

There are several types of grains:

The white beans (filled deposed)
The shins (also known as comedo)
The bumps
A package called serous largest cystic acne that can leave deep scars and permanent.
The acne usually begins during puberty, and generally affects more boys than girls. It is not considered as hereditary, but it seems that if parents have suffered when they were young, their children are likely to suffer as well.

Among its causes are blocking the hair follicles due to an abnormal state of the cells (become sticky and they add up), which blocks preventing follicles leave tallow. When this solidifies tallow, creates a black or white point within the hair follicle.

There are a number of factors that tend to worsen acne and that we must know.

The hormonal changes such as menstruation, pregnancy and to take the contraceptive pill can affect acne in a negative way.
Some medicines such as corticosteroids and some anti-epileptic drugs may worsen acne.

Although acne is associated with sex hormones, studies have indicated that sexual activity or lack thereof does not affect
Do not squeeze or express grains of acne as it can leave marks, holes and even scars on your face. This may even be dangerous.

Recent studies indicate that there are grains that, at first glance, seem normal but they really are cancer (basal cell and spinocellular) which, if express, can be fatal.

How do you recognize them? Generally look like small red or black lesions with or without scale on its surface. Is often bleeding when touched. Almost never bite or hurt by this are mixed with a shin or mud.

As for the recipes of beauty, there are homemade masks that helps improve acne which presented below:

Mask orange against acne


The skin of an orange

3 tablespoons natural yogurt

2 tablespoons oatmeal

To apply

Mix the orange peel, previously hatched, yogurt and oatmeal, until a creamy texture.

It applies to 2 times per week, according to her, but pureed use on a daily basis