Mesotherapy to lose volume

The Mesotherapy is undoubtedly the treatment in which technology has evolved over the service of beauty. This is an old technique in which technology has refine the application, methods and the system to such an extent that could have been baptized by another name because it has very little to do mesotherapy of the twenty-first century with the late twentieth century.

At its inception, was a technical painful and unpleasant. In a meeting over a hundred could nail punctures the patient while today and thanks to technological advances in the world of beauty is a very simple and effective treatment that can be applied without needles, although the majority continues to gamble on a few small punctures.

The mesotherapy is the infiltration of small amounts of allopathic medicines to develop an antagonistic action to combat the problem in question and that may be very different from cellulite and fat, although it is in these areas where most spectacular results achieved. The procedure is simple, fast and with few contraindications.

It is increasingly common practice without infiltration, via percutaneous through the skin, through sonoforesis (ultrasonic energy), electrophoresis (electrical impulses) or pulsed light.

It is important to learn very well before further treatment mesotherapy because, as with all successful treatments, there are many imitators and little professional recommended. There are also clinics who live off the fame achieved more than thirty years and which have barely changed.

As the application form of treatment is simple, the secret is in technology or quality of amino acids that are applied and which are difficult to identify a common person and therefore will have to go to clinics and professionals all warranties and this does not always correspond with the fame of them.