Natural Remedies for the shins

The shins are one of the most common symptoms of puberty and adolescence. With growth comes change in an important hormone in the body and so they appear. Try some of these natural remedies for the shins without resorting to expensive treatments ...

One of the magnificent home remedies against the shins is yogurt. You can make a mask with him, a little lemon juice or vinegar apple. Simply do a mix and smeared the shins. Let the act prepared by the lapse of 15 to 20 minutes. This mixture is also very effective for the so-called "black spots" or "sticks".

The carrot also goes wonders for the skin. In addition to incorporate it in the daily diet, you can make very good preparations to fight the shins. Blend a large carrot with a little olive oil until they take the frame and a cream applied directly on the shins. You'll see as the properties of carrot act on those annoying granite.

Also on lemon juice is another of the wonderful natural remedies against the shins. It simply expresses the juice and put it on them. Dries very quickly and go with ease.

Of course, burst avoids the shins with your fingers. This most likely will make you fall marks on the side to take a long time to kill. Also nothing better than to shelve very fatty foods. Chocolate, frying sausages or just contribute to forming more shins.