Capri Pants

Mainly trousers that some lost their nerve in the process of becoming a short - are a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a 24 "inseam. Somewhere before terminating the upper tibia and ankle, they a major effect: to make the wearer look at the short legs and squatters. This is not generally considered a positive change. But day after day purchase, women pay for the privilege of seeing them as they washed their pants were supposed to dryclean.

Supporters of the capri pants inevitably claim are "cute" and maybe some porters consider themselves as Gidget twisting the night at a beach barbecue. Or perhaps the point like you had a sudden growth spurt. But whatever the philosophical foundations of capridom, the result is an unfortunate.

Indeed, society domination capri pants has reached levels of oppression. Capris, insidious and their parents pedal pushers and clam minors, now 98.5 per cent of women trousers market. In almost all stores, buyers are blinded by the glare of dummy naked ankles. Racks and windows are full of things.

Finding full-length pants became, at best, stressful and at worst impossible - last week, I was forced to buy yoga pants marked "high" in order to make them cover the above my shoes. However, I am 5-foot-5 ½; really is a sign that the Capri has vaulted respectful of his place as another trouser option for a real spree totalitarian world domination.

Even e-commerce mocks the long pants applicant. During a recent visit to, I found that even costumes came with capri pants - with the exception of a few jackets that had three quarter sleeves. Is there a world underdocumented fabric shortage?

Have we learned any lesson from the past? Do I have to be the Cassandra in the Trojan war of the inseam? Our country has struggled through his trousers before disasters, and barely survived - recall the MC Hammer pants crisis and the Big Sloppy Carpenter Pants the early age of 90 years. In both cases, experts negotiators had to be brought to convince designers cease doing so many pants that were so damn weird.

It is time to take a stand: Ask yourself if you want to wear shorts or trousers. Reject this split-the-difference approach to fashion thrust upon us innocent in the form of CAPRI. This is all fun and games until someone loses the bottom quarter of their pants.

Oh, where will this madness?

At the ankle, of course.