Woman Pants Various

Capri Pants
Initially this pant it’s for rather diffuse in thigh shares and tighten in calf shares. The mode modification make this pants is recognized with tight shape. Capri Name is taken from name of island in Italian as knowing holiday place.

Deck Pants
Origin of this pants name because of formerly this pant is weared by a sailor. Balmy to be weared in walking out or simply relaxing at home.

Flare Pants
Pants with rather wide and straight-on model from it waist shares to the heel. Usually pajamas pants take the flare pants model.

Frontier Pants
Rather look like with Deck Pants, but generally this tight pants made from cotton, denim or corduroy. Very compatible allied with high rights shoe.

Hot Pants
This pant is referred by hot pants because the sensation of when someone wear the short and the tight pants. At this era, hot pants a more regular emerge in denim with the trendy model. Suited be weared to the beach or to lure your couple.

Super tighten pants within gymnastic pants. Generally made from lycra. Have varied color and length from ankle length or only mid shall thigh. At this era, the mode trend is highlighted a legging as usually cloth (don’t just for gymnastic).

Overalls pants with its uppers (look like the mechanic clothes) start popularly in 1960. Generally is made from cotton goods with pocket accent. In this time overalls made many with a short arm and short pants model.

Knicker Bockers
Typical form this pants is diffuse, many paleness with a latch accent in knee. Start popular in 1970.

Generally this pant is very wide, heel length and a more regular shall weared as pyjamas for sleep. But mode designers in this time have accommodated pants palazzo to form the more fashionable and can be used for everyday activity.

Plush Four
Its look likes Knicker Bockers, but in generally it made from tweed or wools. Others typical is dwindle accent below knee. Had recognized from 1920 and is often weared by British in a sport.

Gaucho Pants
These pants have the wide model. Generally it made from stretch sock. Balmy be used for everyday activity.

Surely you are recognized the boot cut pants term, Bermuda and baggy. Besides that three pants, actually still many pants types you require to know. Uniquely, there are little story at the opposite of each model.

Boot Cut
This Pants model is the most up to date and most woman interest. This pant has wide form in underside (calf till to heel) and many made by various materials like cotton, polyester, and denim.

Bell Bottom Pants
A little similar boot cut but wide from knee below till the heel. Referred as bell-bottoms because is form likes the bell. These pants are famous in 1960 era. This pants is inspirited from pants which is ordinary weared by a sailor.

Its formation is like ice cone, wide pants on the top (hip till to knee) and narrow to underside (calf till to heel). If you have big hip, this pants is BIG NO.

If you are going to the beach, surely you’d balmier with this pant. The Pants have little length above knee and its shape is wide. It taken from by the Bahama’s beach name that is Bermuda Beach in 1930, which knowing as vacation place.

Had discovered by Amelia Bloomers on 1950. Style Is Inspirited from Turkish woman dress as short skirt and ankle pants, these pants globular is like balloon.

Boxer Pants
This pant is often weared by boxers. Its model is diffuse and exerts rubber in waist shares. Casually is weared to go on bed, easy going or sporty at home.

Cat Suit
If you remember the cat woman costume at a Batman movie, so that is cat suit (but without mask). Have begun popular from 1960. Called cat suit because its model coherent in body. Generally is weared as gymnastic clothes.

Surely you are very recognizing this pant. Semi skirt pants, because their shape is very wide being like skirt. recognized from 1930. Its length is varied from knee length shall the calf.

Cargo Pants
For you the adventurer surely had the cargo pants. Typical from this pant is strength and have many pockets. Formerly this pant is often weared by transportation workers of and made from strong and thick cotton. But in this time to be more fashionable, is made in lighter materials so trendy to traveling and or just for walking.