Healthy Eyes

The anging signs are most easily found around the eyes. Somehow is a slight contraction, poke the eyes and black circle. Perform a routine treatment so your eyes are still beautiful and far from anging before it time.

- Caring about the beauty of the eyes as early as possible. Always use a special eye cream that contains a moisturizer can update the cells damaged so the process of the wrinkles can be slowed.

- Do also special massage for eye. Do is use the middle finger, do massage from the middle of the eyelid to the outside, and then move to the inside corner of the eye.

- Do similar massage to the lower eyelid. Massage slowly starting nose base from top to bottom. Perform routine every time go to sleep.

- From iner, consumpt enough of vitamin C for the formation of collagen, that is important to reduce a wrinkles.

- Avoid using excessive cosmetology, because it will expose wrinkle and eye bag.

Be grateful if you have not been disturbed by problems around the eyes. Make prevention as early as possible, in the form of:
- Regular sleep
- Sports
- Avoid stress
- Healthy life without the cigarette.

1. Use moistener or eye cream to keep skin elasticity in night and morning.
2. Increase eat fruit and vegetables and drinking enough water.
3. Always use the ring finger on every time you smear eye care products, because the ring finger is usually the most tender.
4. Sleep in the supine position and as soon as possible.
5. Do a compress with cucumber or potatoes to reduce the eye bag.
6. Put your eye cream in the refrigerator.