Basic Steps Being Beautiful

Beauty care, can be expensive and can also is very cheap. Depending on how we do it. If you want to maintain the beauty with simple way to do it at home, not in the beauty salon, the following is 8 basic tips to looking beautiful.

  1. The first thing that must be taken to maintain the skin beauty and prevent skin aging process are: food that is consumed, the sun, the products used, due to toxic pollution, the environment and mental attitude.
  2. And second, which sometimes overlooked is the regularly treatment face. Although the day is not using the make-up, face care must still regularly perform. That Cleaning includes; cleaning the skin, using the scrubs/peeling (to remove the die skin cells) to improve the circulation of blood/lymph in the skin with massage, giving nutrition with the ampoule, serum, gel, or a mask that contains material that may dampen the skin and function as antioxidants.
  3. Always use sunblock/suncreen early as possible, with a SPF (Sun Protecting Factor) 15, which contains titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and avobenzena to protect the skin from the sun, skin wrinkling and lax.
  4. Eat many vegetables and fresh fruit is a nutrients and antioxidants source to keep skin beauty. Avoid junk food and processed products.
  5. Eat products that come from soybean, ginseng, and tea that come from the fennel seeds, as a natural estrogen source.
  6. Drinking water of at least 2.5 liters per day to maintain skin moisture, and reduce or avoid consuming coffee and soft drink. Also try to drink green tea for at least 2 cups a day. Green tea is good for maintaining skin health because it contains antioxidants that more patents from vitamin C.
  7. Eat antioxidant supplements such as vitamin A (betakarotin), vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B-complex, and some minerals such as selenium and zinc.
  8. And the last, to expedite the flow of blood/lymph, so Feed nutrition and oxygen to the skin cells better and to accelerate the renewal skin cells is by doing sports. The Best Sports is a sport that can sway the all muscles in the body such as; fast walking, jogging, aerobic exercises, swimming, and the other at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes / time.