Argan Oil a healthy oil from Morocco

Argan oil has been produced for thousands years of doctors generation and herbalists all kinds, made a grand entrance in supermarkets, pharmacies and on the Internet in 2007.

Beyond its natural, argan oil is adorned many virtues. This is its important substance of essential fatty acids and vitamin E which it provides on moisturizing properties, anti-aging and cell renewal. It offers much care as creams night and other anti-sophisticated.

To get the benefits of this oil on the face, body and even the hair, it must have been cold-pressed and used it to be pure. Better therefore look to the origin and composition of the product. The interests in Morocco, but it is also true for any cosmetic product of plant origin, it is very difficult to obtain a guarantee of quality because the methods of producing oil are not always the same and may be losing some of the qualities of the product. From an agricultural point of view, the ideal is that almonds contained in the hull of the fruit is pressed cold and are not roasting. If the oil had the misfortune to be heated, it risks losing a significant portion of its nutritional properties for the skin.

The trend of bio-cosmetics, and products without Paraben and fashion of the culture of the steam room, for two years an explosion of the product on the European market. But unfortunately, after the threshing current price of oil has reached the summit, and not benefited once again, certainly not to Moroccan producers.

This oil magic for some, but only after the fruit of the argan tree (a tree endemic) is the delight of Western women seeking care products without chemistry and secrets of exotic beauty. On the background of the argan oil uses only one that the tastes of the time, summarizes a vast majority of dermatologists. The argan oil is out of confidentiality to enroll in a substantive movement from the ground up for more natural cosmetics

Proof of the success of this ointment, the L'Oreal Group itself, has a number of shampoos based argan oil. With nature and adventure, where you return to the abbreviation of cosmetics beauty of the world, one could also find out how Christmas gift idea for 2007, the route tradition in Morocco. It seems that series is a success, won more openly that the beauty Indians.

3 months after its introduction in September 2007, the Natural argan products are now available in more than 2,000 pharmacies. Created by a woman fascinated by Morocco, this small brand was acquired by the cosmetics and pharmaceutical drummer, who wanted to develop a range certified organic.