Be Up to Date With the Latest Beauty Supplies Today

By: Jon Caldwell

Terry Radiance Re-sourcing cream is a moisturizing formula with Hydracell that is richly composed of strengthening hibiscin found in the hibiscin plant, nourishing poppy oil that stimulates collagens’ synthesis, raspberry oil and flower wax found in rose, violent and jasmine that helps in stimulating cell’s metabolism to help skin renew in its natural way. It also has a UV protection filters that will protect tour skin against rays.It has Purpulyn System, essential for regenerating and anti-oxidant, and has an all new synergy of specific molecules extracted from flowers and red fruit which helps slow down skin ageing. Calmosensine which is based on peony extract neutralizes skin tightness. And the Lumiskin Optic acts to smooth, deepen and lift and unify the colour of your skin.

La Roche Posay Redermic is a skin care product that is 94 percent pure madecassoside which is essential for using against deep wrinkles. It reconstructs cutaneous tissues with its rich formula that contains pure vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, anti-ageing agents and a Mexoryl XL filtering system. All these also aids in protecting your skin cells from the harmful effects of Ultra Violet rays since it is SPF 15. And within six months you can achieve a younger looking face. Just be patient and use it regularly and for sure, this anti-wrinkle moisturizer will even out the surface of your skin.

It is not new to us that M.A.C. products are very trendy and seem very appealing to lots of women. Personally, I love MAC’s eye enhancer makeups and just recently, I found this MAC Shadow Sticks which has double use. You can actually use it as an eye shadow and eyeliner at the same time. What’s best with this shadow stick is it can be used as a base coating for eye make ups because of its texture that it helps powder stay much longer. Its texture is silky rich, creamy and smooth. You can see it in different colors which is good for eye styles that is in right now. To ensure a smooth glide when being applied, better warm it first by rolling the stick between your palms.

Godiva whitening cream is good for evening out skin discolorations and blemishes brought about by aging and sun’s harmful effects. It does not give you a super white, pale complexion that you will usually get from powerful whitening products in the market. It contains natural products that make it milder and skin-friendly. Godiva whitening cream is equipped with an active whitening ingredient known as Licorice extract together with vitamin boosters such as Vitamin C and E. You have to use it regularly for a continuous and visible effect. And for faster results, you can apply it twice a day, one in the morning and before going to sleep.

Lancome Hypnose Onyx is a mascara fashionably presented to thicken lashes up to six times more than your average mascara and shapes them one by one. Because of its soft sculpt technology, the super smooth texture gives the lashes a regular, vibrant and gradual colour. Its PowerFULL brush is equipped with special fibres that makes mascara application more precise and with no clumps. The Onyx Essence complex with its concentrated black pigments produces intense and rich colour that will make your eyes stand out just like how celebrities style their eyes. This special mascara has 3 shades you can choose from.